We believe you don’t need
a cape and superpowers

to help change the world.

You can make the world a better place through a simple real estate transaction

When a property is bought or sold, a commission is usually paid. With Investing In Communities®, part of that commission goes to the charity of your choice. No strings attached, and no cost to you. By letting IIC connect you to highly qualified real estate professionals, you can donate money to the charities that matter the most to you. Best of all? It’s at no cost to you. We understand real estate consumers (you) want to find the best broker. We know that brokers want new clients. IIC adds value to both parties by connecting these two interests, all in the name of charity. With IIC, doing a lot of good is finally easy.

$200,000 +

Funds raised for charities through
Investing in Communities®

If you’re going to buy or sell a home or lease commercial space,
why not support charity at the same time?
Find trusted real estate professionals and ensure your favorite charity benefits.
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I’m looking to buy or sell a home
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I’m a decision maker
for a company looking to buy, sell
or lease commercial space

We connect you with skilled real estate brokers for your specific transaction. In exchange, IIC receives a referral fee from the broker you choose.

Because IIC is a nonprofit, we enable at least 80% of the referral fee from the broker to support a charity of your choice, at no extra cost to you.

A referral fee is the percentage of the commission paid by a broker completing a real-estate transaction to the party (IIC) that introduced
the client (you). It’s like a “thank you” for an introduction to a new client from a broker who has just completed a transaction.

We give at least 80% of our “thank you” to your charity.

Usually, the consumer (you) has no say in the process, because referral fees are between brokers. IIC puts the power in your hands to choose where that money goes. IIC’s charges brokers the going market rate for referrals, which maximizes the funding to your charity.

IIC is an American non-profit not tied to any one region or a specific real estate brokerage agency. Since we are a non-for-profit, we only keep a small portion of the referral fee to keep our organization going, and the rest – at least 80% – goes to the charity of your choice.

We understand your main priority is to buy for the least or sell for the most. Number one on our list is that you get the service you need from your broker, otherwise IIC wouldn’t work! The next step is to help make the world a better place by putting that referral money in
the hands of the charity most important to you.

We will match you with 3 brokers who we know are right for your specific transaction, but you aren’t limited to just these 3 options. We work with all brokers who are eager to handle a real estate transaction, including brokers you may already be considering. Just come to IIC before you start working with a broker, to support your favorite charity – at no cost to you.